Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It is Time for Change

Reading some of the stories that Americans have told on President Obama's Healthcare website, only validates the sad state that this country is in with regards to healthcare.
Why are there so many Americans that are uninsured or underinsured out there???
We need change.
How do we begin? By having our government fulfill the promises made in our Declaration of Independence? Our natural rights state that we have the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When our fore-fathers stated these rights could they see into the future that a right to Life would be persuent only to those who have adequate health care coverage? I highly doubt it.
No where in the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights does it state that we the people only have the right to substandard medical care if we do not have medical insurance. Instead this famous phrase has been used in many tortes to dispute the right to life vs prochoice, the death penalty, and many other topics but never the right to Life for those Americans who work day to day to pay their bills and keep their fingers crossed that they don't get sick and lose their jobs.
Let's discuss the people of our country who toil day to day trying to make ends meet so they can afford a roof over their heads and health care insurance only to drop dead at the age of 50 from heart disease/stroke/cancer/ etc. Thousands of Americans WHO HAVE INSURANCE still die. WHY? Because they are "afraid" to go to the doctor. They are intimedated by employers who disapline the sick when they request time off to see a doctor, they humiliate those who utilize their insurance benefits. How dare people actually use their insurance causing the rates to go up for the rest of the company!
NO! How dare employers use willfull disregard towards a human being and their natural rights to LIFE!
I guess we also have a "right" to find another job. What happened to HIPAA? The brain child of our government to protect the rights of employees and allow them to take time off for health reasons? Too many loop holes, like the right to work laws in many states and the employee having to request the time off in advance. "Hi this is Joe and I won't be coming in next week because I am going to have a stroke and will require 6 weeks off of work. Where do I sign the paperwork in triplicate" How sad.
It is time for a change and no ONE person can do it by themselves, instead we need to take a proactive stance and demand our Inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as promised when our fore-fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, when our founders declared independence from a monarchy and created a democracy called the United States of America.