Sunday, May 10, 2009

On this Mother's Day

What I learned from you

On this day my dear mother, I reflect on what you have taught me through the years.
It’s not always about sadness when a mother dies, you must wipe away the tears.

While you where here with me on this plateau of life, you showed me love and compassion; your smile, whit, free spirit soul, as well as a sense of fashion.

We picked berries, played dolls, you brushed my hair, walked many miles through sand and malls; loved to see movies, take trips, shop for antiques, sit on the causeway and watch the squalls.

Mom, you and I we had so many dreams, life isn’t always fair.
Though the time we had together was cut short, I reflect on the memories and with my children I share.

The artist, teacher, musician, actress you once longed to be; if you could see the beautiful free spirits my babies have become, you would see that they truly resemble you and me.

Thank you mom, for your gifts, your grace, beauty, compassion, and love, I hope that on this Mother’s Day, you are smiling with our God in heaven looking after us from above.

I love you always

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