Saturday, April 25, 2009

Swine Flu and living in a glass house

Today, the holes in my head got a tad heated and defensive towards comments on a cruise blog. Sometimes I can't help myself. It is a sickness within a sickness with me, fighter of the underdog, crusader for the weak and ill.

Before I found out I had MS, it was superfund sites. A huge space of brain matter wasted with the knowledge of pcb's, asbestos, and many other yucky toxins all contained loosely around the holes in my head. Having an IQ in the top 5 percent of Americans can sometimes be a handicap in itself. I'm always hungry for more data like a computer.

Anyways, so they where discussing the swine flu epidemic in Mexico and seeing how I am going on a cruise in 2 weeks with my immunity depleted excuse for a body, that by the way still won't fit in a bikini no matter how many slim fasts I devour, I was googling and found the thread in mention. Well, people where telling those with concerns and illnesses that they shouldn't even fly or go on a cruise ship because of the possibility of being contaminated with the 3000 other people on board's germs.

I responded in not so kind words telling the %$*& poster to stop telling people with illnesses to climb under a rock and that I took their words personally.

Thing is, this really made the holes in the head weigh heavily on the fact that I cannot live in a plastic bubble, nor can the millions who also suffer from autoimmune diseases in this country. We can however be cautious and aware of our potential surroundings, ie; going into a country with a swine flu epidemic. I myself will probably choose to stay on the ship when we reach this port.

As the holes dug deeper and deeper into this issue it became apparent that there are many ill people who live in a glass house and live vicariously through others by observing them through an open curtain swimming, riding their bikes, mowing the grass, actually living life. Sad as it sounds, they lock themselves away in an attempt to preserve what life they have left and to avoid premature death by contamination.

Will this happen to me? Have I become so aware and cautious that I will eventually not wander from the safe constraints of my Lysol coated walls I call home?

Returning to the issue of the post in question. The original poster appoligized to me for my taking offense and I inturn advised them that I forgave them. Which ended with a promise of 2 drinks of the day (okay one is suposed to go to my husband but that's between me, you, and the internet) when we get onboard.

Okay, I over reacted, I admit it, sometimes I am a biatch and I can't help it. It's the holes in my head, they have a mind and a tongue of their own sometimes.

It is this authors hope that reading this will bring an awakening to those who choose to live in this manner. I have only one thing to say to you; Did you ever consider that the house could get hit by a tornado or you could get electrocuted taking a shower?

For God's sake, go out and live your life existentially.


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